Hello, my name is Sal Contreras. I am a 25 year Paintless Dent Removal technician.  I use Dent Dial tools everyday from light work to extreme damage.   I am the inventor and manufacturer of the Dent Dial.

I've worked for just about every dealership and bodyshop in my area and  these tools are designed by a working tech for the working tech.

I also happen to be last year's 2015 International Dent Olympics Champion.

You are buying tools from a real Pdr tech who knows paintless dent removal and how tools can make this pushing life much easier.  

The 35 Light Duty:

A gem to slide down glass or position a tip down the middle for precision pushes. Also for use in hoods with a simple S hook. Since the tools are bendable, you position them into the right spot and they are deisgned to not flex when pushing a dent out.  Also great for fenders and sliding down quarter panels around bracing.

The 22 Light Duty:  

This was the very first of my designs and the one I feel is easiest to use and perform the unique setups involved with Dent Dials.  

Ex: I bend it first, then slide it into position. Once it's just right, I strap it for a hands free moment to tap down crowns.

The 22 Heavy Duty:

This tool is your work horse and it's the pitbull of Dent Dials. So stout to handle anything you throw at it. Love this one for getting into those crazy postions with more power than you can imagine. Great glue puller too!

10 Panel Pro:

The smallest Dent Dial available and yet it possesses a lot of power.  This tool can be bent into ideal position to be inserted into those tight cavernous areas that we face as Pdr techs. Invaluable tool and you can muscle out very deep and strong dents with this one. Accepts all DC tips and alike.  

The SlapperTapper:

What more can be said for the most important tool I have in my box and probably the best tool I ever designed.  Flattens waves and crowns like a steam roller.  So efficient and saves you so much time. I promise you will get home sooner with this tool.

A free 1 1/2 hour video tuturial comes with purchase.

About Dent Dial

I make two sets of Dent Dial bars and tips:  

One set is made with 5/16" thread which is the industry standard for most Pdr tool tips.

The 2nd set is for the powerful 35 Heavy Duty bar and made with 3/8" heavy duty thread  because of the intense leverage generated.  


Click here for SAL's  5 Sessions DVD course for Paintless Dent Removal.

Patent #6957561


Read below how each tool is used.


The 35 Heavy Duty:

The strongest bar I make.  It's thick and powerful yet bendable to get into ideal positons.  Engineered to not bend while pushing the dent. Rigid aluminum panels like on this MBZ is no problem. Most of the time, I just lean into the tool and it does the hard work of pushing.

There's no need ot buy another leverage puller. The 35 Heavy can grab any tab on the market and pull it with tremendous torque.  Moving the soft base to the center creates a fulcrum pull that is unmatched amongst glue pulling tools.  

So versatile on fender edges and so many other areas of the vehicle. Over time you learn where to use it and how to gain power where you neet it.